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Gaia Online 19/07/10 Free English
  • Internet Explorer
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Hang out in one of the Web’s leading online communities

James Thornton

  • Highly customizable
  • Fun games
  • Thriving forum
  • Watch videos with others
  • Confusing to navigate at times
  • Buying new items can become addictive

"Fun if you're not attached to your wallet"

Gaia is a forum-based avatar website where users can dress up their avatars and socialize with other people. There's also a variety of virtual worlds and mini-games to play on and hang out.

There's a storyline associated with Gaia and the shopkeeper characters of the stores are well-thought out and have their own, unique personalities.

Don't let the content of the site fool you, though - you'll soon find that the company treats its users more like customers than it does members.

  • Tons of creative options. There are literally tens of thousands of items you can put on your avatar.
  • The MMO, zOMG!, is amazing. It's free and browser-based, so there's no download
  • There are tons of very active forums, so if you get bored with one you can go onto another
  • There's really something for everyone, whether it's art, roleplay, sports, or just general discussion
  • Site updates, events, and gold-shop updates are delayed repeatedly in favor of cash shop (real money) updates
  • Poor customer service; hundreds of users purchased an eight dollar evolving item that hasn't finished evolving for close to two years now. Other evolving items have evolved in 8 months or less
  • Quality of art is going down with the artists increasingly using short-cuts to create lower-quality items but more of them

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20 Feb 2011

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